Published January 9, 2023

It's a well-known fact that our skin changes and evolves throughout our life. Skin aging is a natural biological process. Although it's best to start as early as possible in life, you can start using facial skincare at any age!

Here at FILORGA, we know that our customers don't all start worrying about their skin at the same moment in their lives. This is why our product collections aren't based on age, but on specific needs.

This article outlines our experts' advice on the key steps you can take to look after your skin — because it's never too late to start a facial skincare routine.


Skin is exposed to the damaging effects of pollution on a daily basis. Particulates, exhaust fumes, and all the other kinds of smoke and fumes that occur in cities build up and prevent the skin from breathing properly. These toxic molecules can also spark off allergies or skin reactions. Makeup (even of high quality) will also impair the skin's ability to function properly.

This is why we always advise our customers to thoroughly cleanse their skin several times a day before applying our facial skincare products. This is an essential step, as it ensures that the skin is ready for the application of our anti-aging serums and creams.


Moisturizing the skin with an appropriate skincare product strengthens the epidermal barrier. This enables the skin to most effectively protect itself against external stresses and the evaporation of moisture. It also helps the skin to keep its plumpness and suppleness, meaning that the onset of fine lines can be delayed to the maximum.

Our HYDRA facial skincare collection is rich in hyaluronic acid and was specifically designed to lock in moisture for all skin types, regardless of the user's age.


Besides our biological clock, UV radiation from the sun is the primary contributor to skin aging. It alters the structure of the skin, resulting in deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Because clothing rarely actually covers the head, it's crucial to use facial skincare products that protect the skin from the sun.

To slow skin aging, FILORGA's experts recommend regular application of sun protection like our favorite EltaMD sunscreens.

Apply facial skincare treatments that provide effective protection against the sun and UV radiation


Not only does the skin need to be protected and moisturized, it also needs to be stimulated. This is why it's important to use rejuvenating ingredients to kick-start collagen and elastin synthesis in the cells.

FILORGA's answer: NCEF [New Cellular Encapsulated Factors], our laboratories' flagship formula, contains a unique blend of active ingredients that supply the nutrients essential to the proper functioning of cells.

Our NCEF skincare collection contains the same ingredients (and at comparable concentrations) as those normally used in mesotherapy injections* to improve skin quality.


Laboratoires FILORGA has products suitable for all skin types and needs. In addition to their anti-aging properties, our treatments also help you maintain or restore beautiful skin. Bear in mind that your skin will change over time, and so will your textural preferences. So don't be afraid to change creams whenever you feel the need. 

Finally, if you need specific advice or any further information, feel free to contact us. Our experts here at FILORGA are always happy to answer your questions.


*Mesotherapy injection developed by FILORGA (excluding NCEF-ESSENCE).